Legal Assistant

My name is Destiny and I am a Legal Assistant at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. I have been working in immigration for about seven years now and every day I find another reason to keep doing this work. Every client has their own experience filled with sacrifice, hard work, and heartache. Their stories are truly humbling.

I want to show them my appreciation through my work. Our clients, their families, and their futures depend on us, me, and our work. For this reason, I continue to give 100 percent of myself every day and will always continue to do so.

Throughout my time here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, I have been greeted with welcoming arms. Each and every person employed at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law has an immense passion for this kind of work and you can feel it. I can’t imagine working with any other team. They make hard work look so easy, all whilst being graceful.