Legal Assistant

From my earliest days growing up in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, I was blessed to be raised by the rich cultural tapestry woven together by my Chilean and Cuban immigrant parents. Each summer, a journey to my abuelita’s home in Chile granted me the privilege of immersing myself in the embrace of delicious homemade meals and a beautiful culture that I am immensely proud to call my own. Now, as a devoted mother of two and happily married to a Cuban immigrant, I hold steadfast to the belief in the significance of preserving and celebrating our roots in this adopted land. Guided by this belief, I find great joy in teaching the Chilean heritage to my children through crafting delicious homemade dishes, just as my cherished abuelita once did for me.

I graduated from Florida International University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East. My journey in immigration began in Seattle, Washington, where I worked as a Legal Assistant for a few years.

However, it was during my time at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law that I truly comprehended the power of family-based cases. Witnessing families triumph over adversity and secure their rightful places in this great nation ignited a profound sense of fulfillment within me. To be a part of easing their struggles and assisting them in securing their foothold in this land of promise is a privilege I hold in the highest regard.