Social Selling Coordinator

I am Mexican, I studied international logistics and I am the first daughter of a man who was an immigrant in the United States, so I grew up hearing about what life is like for people who do not have documents there, about the fears, difficulties and injustices that they suffer. But he also told me about the wonders and opportunities in the US. I still have family in the United States and I know the sadness that one feels and the sacrifice that is made in these situations, where the borders literally separate us and do not allow us to hug, live with or see your loved ones.

Having grown up as a Hispanic woman in the Mexican society has led me to realize and take responsibility in social movements, which is why I am a feminist and anti-racist and I cannot ignore the injustices we suffer because of limits that should not exist. I believe that all people deserve to live with dignity in a world that offers us equity and equal opportunities. We all deserve to live with options; with freedom. It is because of my beliefs and my personal experience that I am part of this team and I enjoy it: I talk to undocumented people every day, people who are in the same position my own father was once and my family members are still in, that’s why I like to work here.

I have just finished my degree and Lincoln-Goldfinch Law has given me the opportunity to have a job that allows me to be the first person to read, listen and guide our clients in the first step of the process that can change their lives for the better, this gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I have not felt before; being part of something bigger.