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AILA.ORG -- As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Syrian refugees are still fleeing and in need of protection worldwide. Since its founding, our nations has given refuge to those fleeing persecution. But now, many want to bar all Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering into the United States.

As early as December 2, the Senate may vote on a bill that would end the U.S. refugee resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Contact your Senators now to oppose any legislation that would end the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqui refugees in the United States.

Use this template, courtesy of AILA, to write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to advocate for the welcoming of refugees during the Thanksgiving holiday:

To the Editor:

Re. article, date. During this season of Thanksgiving, the difference between our lives and those fleeing violence around the world is thrown into sharp contrast. While we eat turkey, Syrian families are doing the best they can to keep themselves safe.

I hope that the leaders of our nation and my state will take the opportunity this Thanksgiving holiday to learn more about the struggles refugee families are facing. We cannot close our doors to them during this time of overwhelming need.

Our nation is great because we stand by our humanitarian ideals. Our ancestors were welcomed centuries ago and I hope this holiday season sees America's shores once again welcoming those seeking protection from persecution.

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For more information, see AILA's Featured Issue page on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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