Immigrant Mothers Required To Wear Ankle Bracelets as part of ATD


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Immigrant mothers seeking asylum from harsh conditions in their countries of origin are now being required to wear ankle monitors as part of an immigration reinforcement policy set by ICE, known as "alternative detention," or ATD.

An immigrant from El Salvador that entered the country illegally wears an ankle monitor at a shelter, Monday, July 27, 2015, in San Antonio. Lawyers representing immigrant mothers held in a South Texas detention center say the women have been denied counsel and coerced into accepting ankle-monitoring bracelets as a condition of release, even after judges made clear that paying their bonds would suffice. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Right now, about 12,000 immigrants wear these ankle monitors, and the Department of Homeland Security plans to expand to 50,000 immigrants by 2016.

The ankle monitors have not proven to be a more humane method of tracking immigrants released from custody awaiting court proceedings.