Facebook Live: Immigrant Rights During Police Encounters


Immigrant Rights During Police Encounters

Know Your Immigrant Rights During Police Encounters!

If you or a loved one is an immigrant, this video is for you!

You have rights when you encounter the police. Austin Immigration Attorney, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, explains on Facebook Live immigrant rights during encounters or interactions with the police, including ICE. Be sure to share or comment on this video! If you found it useful, someone else will too.

Back to back demonstrations of police brutality and racism have led to major protests and social backlash. Your decision to protest is yours alone, and all I encourage you to do is to be safe and wear masks because we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Any immigrant who may be inspired to go protest and engage, or whether they get caught up in the chaos accidentally, they should be aware of their rights in the case they get detained by police. Remember if you're undocumented you are safer at home because they need a warrant signed by a judge to enter the home. Yes, you CAN tell them to go away! Always stay calm. DO NOT run away because they will chase you. If you are detained, do not argue or fight with them until your lawyer is present.

It is VERY important for anyone being processed that you do not listen to the deportation officer. They are known for using intimidation tactics to get you to sign their documents and begin removal proceedings. Ask to speak to your lawyer, your family, or a close friend. Call our office at (855) 502-0555.

Please call or text (855) 502-0555 for any questions or concerns or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/lincolngoldfinch