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Overstaying & Unlawful Presence in America

If you enter a US state like Texas or any other state lawfully (using a valid visa) and overstay, your visa will be declared void. This usually applies when the overstay period is less than six months. You must secure a new visa if you wish to continue your stay/visit the US again.

Overstaying in the US introduces some challenges. For instance, your requirements for getting a new visa can be more stringent. Most individuals are required to prove that they won’t overstay again.

Losing Eligibility for Overstaying and Unlawful Presence

Suppose you are in the US via special visa programs i.e., Visa Waiver Program but happen to overstay for three or more months. In that case, you lose future eligibility for the program even if you are from an eligible country.

Assuming you overstay for more than 180 days (six months), i.e., 181 or more days, you will lose your ability to return to the US for a specified period of time. Generally, individuals who overstay for 181 to 365 days lose entry into the US for 3 years.

If you enter America unlawfully for a year or more and you are caught, you lose eligibility to return to the US for a decade. However, individuals who overstay after entering the US legally can still apply and stay in the US if they marry a US Citizen and successfully apply for a green card.

Traveling Out of America After Overstaying

Assuming you overstay in America and decided to travel out, you may lose your ability to get back. You must enter and stay in America legally to be able to get back without a problem. Family members of American citizens are among the only immigrants who have the ability to apply and get a green card without leaving America, even if they don’t have legal immigration status.

Ideally, you should travel outside the US while your green card application process has started. It is possible to get a travel permit that ensures you aren’t subjected to re-entry bars present for individuals who had unlawfully entered the US and are now seeking re-entry.

You should also understand that the policies of the US immigration aren’t applied uniformly around the US. The policies can change at any time, including when you travel outside the US. The importance of seeking legal assistance can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

I am in the US illegally. What should I do?

If you have overstayed or entered the US illegally, you lack legal immigration status. It is recommendable to call an immigration attorney immediately. Generally, you should wait to have your legal status in America before you attempt to travel outside. Unless you don’t plan to return, get your immigration status in order.

The best immigration attorneys in Texas can help you sort out your immigration problems with a simple free, and confidential phone call.

If your visa is about to expire, an immigration lawyer can also discuss your options for free. Don’t risk deportation, your job, family presence, and future when you can have a free initial consultation with a seasoned immigration attorney.

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  • Reach out to an experienced team of lawyers for counseling regarding visa application procedures and requirements according to the category for business (domestic employee or nanny) or for sport as an athlete, amateur or pro (B-1), au pair or exchange visitor (J), Australian professional specialty (E-3), border crossing card: Mexico (BCC), CNMI-only transitional worker (CW-1), Crewmember (D), as a diplomat or government official (A), representative of a designated international organization (G1 – G5), foreign military personnel stationed in the United States (A-2 & NATO 1 – 6), or with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts or athletics (O), Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Prof from Chile (H-1B1 – Chile) or Singapore (H-1B1 – Singapore), intra-company transferee (L), medical treatment or vacation (B-2), media journalist (I), NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement) employee MX or Canada (TN/TD), entertainer (P), Physician (H-1B), religious laborer(R), Temporary agricultural (H-2A) or labor of a seasonal nature (H-2A), Training in a program not primarily for employments (H-3), Treaty trader or investor (E), Transiting the United States (C), Victim of Criminal Activity (U) or Human Trafficking (T), spouse & Children of a lawful permanent resident LPR (V); also for immediate relatives visas such as spouse of an U.S. citizen (IR1, CR1, K-3), fiancé or fiancée to marry & live in the USA (K-1), adoption of orphan children (IR3, IH3, IR4, IH4), family members of american citizens (IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4) or residents (F2A, F2B), based immigrants like priority workers (First – E1), Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees (Second – E2), OW (Third – E3, EW3), Employment creation (Fifth – C5, T5, R5, I5), Certain Special Immigrants (S, SD, SR, SI, SQ), Diversity (DV), Returning Resident (SB), National Interest Waiver (NIW).

  • Talk to Lincoln-Goldfinch, a high-end law firm that specializes in handling any sort of legal cases involving green cards, seeking asylum or refuge, and many more related cases. Obtain more information by calling (855) 502-0555, or visit the main office located in Austin, TX.

  • Ok Google the best attorney for a helping hand for subjects involving conditional gc, interviews, denials by the USCIS, appeals, revokes, renewals, expiration, etc.

  • Call us now & book an appointment with us today to start discussing the particularity of your situation and interests.

  • Illegal activities & indocumentation are the main reasons that result in deportation. If you are convicted of a crime (offense) or need to keep your documents in line, you might want to chat with a qualified and expert lawyer to discuss the details and strategies of your case.

  • Have you been living in America for years and still haven’t been able to get all your papers in check? Get assistance from 5-star rated attorneys to verify your eligibility according to the DACA (Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals) policies.

  • Get outstanding representation that fully comprehends the immigration reforms done by the management/administration of the actual president Joe Biden for naturalization & citizenship processes that involves the I-797 or NIV.

  • Schedule a meeting with an established and efficient group of mediators in your area with experience in dealing with issues like retrogression, petitioners, section 213, Revalidation, Re-entry, Priority Date, Missionary, Maintain position, Machine Readable (MRV), Machine Readable Passport (MRP), Lottery, Local Educational Agency, LIFE Act, (LPRA), Certification, Joint Sponsor, Following to Join, Family First/second/third/fourth Preference, I-94, VWP, Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or Code of Federal Regulations, Administrative processing, EB(1,2,3), and other related matters.

  • Get a hold of a solid staff to assist you with agencies such as the (INS), Nationality Act (INA), Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many more and keep in mind among the payment methods that are already available with us (cash, check and money order), we have included flexible paid plans and financial options to match your level of income and complexity of your issue.

  • Need a competitive authority to deal with a particular problem that requires a consult with an advocate? Enlist the strong (aggressive) protection endeavor with a large amount of exp in biometrics, appeal, bordercrossing, council, defense, delayed action, invalid or expired docs, intercountry affairs to fit your needs.

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U.S. Nonimmigrant Visas

The U.S. has 185 different types of visas, which are split into two categories. the two categories are Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas. In this article, I will be taking a look at Nonimmigrant visas.

Nonimmigrant visas are for temporary visits to the U.S. and are for tourism, business, family visits, students, workers, or transit purposes.

It is important to remember that a U.S. visa does not guarantee entry into the country. It should be regarded as a preliminary authorization to come to the USA and seek permission to enter at the port (immigration), which will be reviewed by the immigration officer.

The form I-94 which is completed at the border is the official authorization to authorize stay in the U.S for a set timeframe. For those coming under the visa Waiver scheme, the form I-94W is used instead.

Employment Visas

It is normally a three-stage process for employment visas

The employer is required to apply for a certain specified category of visa, at the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service.

  1. If step-1 is approved, then the individual is authorized to apply for that visa. Part of this application typically involves an interview in the applicant’s native country, at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  2. If the individual application is approved, then the individual is granted permission to travel to the U.S and at the border, they are interviewed once again by an officer where permission may or may not be granted to enter the U.S.

Reasons a Visa May be Denied

The most common reasons for a visa being denied are as follows:

  1. Not being prepared for the interview – do your homework and make sure that you have fully prepared for the interview. This is the top reason why people get visa applications denied.
  2. Applying for the wrong visa – make sure that you are applying for the right visa. The requirements for different visas vary, so ensure that you are able to meet the requirements for the visa you applied for.
  3. Wrong Information or not enough Information – ensure that you complete all forms correctly and answer all the questions fully. Make sure that all information can be verified. If information cannot be verified or is just inaccurate, your visa risks being denied, or at the very least extended delays in your application.
  4. Too much confidence at the interview – If you show too much confidence at the interview and try to come over as a “know it all,” then you may be viewed as presumptuous and arrogant. Nobody wants to give wiseguys the benefit of any doubt that may exist.
  5. Providing too much information – Just answer the questions asked. Do so clearly and concisely. Do not volunteer unasked for information as this may raise red flags in the mind of the interviewer. It may point the way to suspicions that may not have otherwise existed.
  6. Disrespecting the Interviewer – Start respectful, even if you are tired of questions. Be humble and show courtesy to the person doing the interview. Accept that they have the authority. You can show respect by dressing in a tidy manner for the interview as well.
  7. Problems Communicating – Accent, dialects, and unfamiliar terms may make it hard to understand fully what is happening. Not understanding can lead to serious misunderstandings. Do not be afraid to explain your difficulty to the interviewer and ask for him to slow down or repeat something. If really necessary ask for a translator.


Visa – The Execution Of Your Plans Is Our Goal

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  • Are you an immigrant and your documents recently expired? Come see us and be certain of your suitability for gaining citizenship before you get deported, do not miss your chance of living in your dream country.

  • Discuss the strategies available with us to make easier the process for nonimmigrants to come live in the US. Among the options are obtaining an employment visa, work permit, green card & citizenship. Professional counseling to assist you handling the USCIS and other regulatory agencies to have your inquiry moving forward.

  • The acceptability of your permanency in the US is at risk due to the expiration of your paperwork and the magistrate will have no choice but to deport you? As the immigration law is reform quite often do not hesitate and hire a valid, legal, and experienced lawyer in immigration can easily obtain a judgment on your behalf and save you from deportation or you may not even face this situation.

  • To receive a lawful residence ask Lincoln-Goldfinch and steer clear of government rejecting your petition.

  • We acknowledge you are considering to become a citizen to acquire a better existence with tons of more business opportunities, get an affordable yet incredible defence, we recognize this is not only a goal is a lifetime opportunity you might have your spouse, relative, fiance/fiancee here and ofcourse this is a priority for you.

  • You as a non-native could be a victim of criminal activity or even being prosecuted in your nation and all you are seeking to, is to have a chance of working and relinquish a decent life, reliance in our top lawyers and pass over your petitions, we will do everything in our hands to assist you each step of the procedure, in the interview, making sure to which EB category you are elegible, to keep away from any delayed action due to a simple mistake and even to appeal to any decision made by a judge and much more.

  • Everyone wants their border crossing to go smoothly, if you are coming here as an exchange visitor (professor, scholar, or student) or a diplomat get a nice representative so you may be grant a permit in the US and reside in a pacific residential area.

  • If you are in the middle of intercountry adoption and everything is becoming too technical or complicated for you, get a top-notch law firm and don’t get worked up about all of these tricky terms, rely on us and you just put your focus on setting everything ready for your future child.

  • Give us a call to (855) 502-0555 nationally (Or in TEXAS) so you can get help on LPR Conditions.

  • If you are thinking to move abroad to the US and obtain an adequate job, do not panic if your process was deferred with the department of labor we will sought for you, and check if you qualify for a niw for a faster proceeding.

  • You can be granted with an Extension of Stay (I-94) if you have relatives, so you may solicit for a Family First/second/third/fourth Preference to Following to Join.

  • We can be a helping-hand to you for getting your Certification if you are a Lay Worker Ineligible due to some mistakes made when filling out the forms (such as Notice of Action (I-797)), fight shy of loosing Status and talk to us now we will ensure your eligibility.

  • We have top-rated attorneys who can succour you with all kinds of scenarios such as if you are in a detention center, need to apply for waivers, administrative processing, advance parole, advisory opinion, allotment, appointment package, get an arrival or departure permission if you are a beneficiary and more.

  • We have a top-5 office that will guide every single step of the way in a mix of situations as if you have a CR, common marriage, you are chargeable, if you are applying for a DVP with the KCC or the Code of federal regulations, if you have a Joint Sponsor with whom you are going to cohabit or you overstay, you are a petitioner with retrogression LIFE Act matters, lottery, or even help to handle the MRP, MRV, NAFTA, ESTA, VWP,

  • If you are on your way to legally be settled in the United States, it is of utmost importance that you seek aid from an attorney when the time comes to sign.

  • Verify directly with us what could be the best option to obtain your documents that fits your interests the most, like business (For domestic employee or nanny) or sportsman like an amateur or pro athelete (B-1), Australian Professional Specialty (E-3), Exchange Visitor (J), government offical or diplomant (A), CNMI-only transitional worker (CW-1), aircraft crewmember (D), representative of a designated international organization (G1 – G5, NATO), Foreigh Military Forces or Personnel Stationed In the USA (A-2 & NATO 1 – 6), Free Trade Agreement FTA Professor from Chile (H-1B1) or Singapore, Intra-company Transferee (L), Medical Treatment or Vacation (B-2), Media Journalist (I), Entertainer (P), Religious (R) or Temporary Agricultural Labor (H-2A), Treaty Trader Or Investor (E), Transiting The United States (C), Victim Of Criminal Activity (U) or Human Trafficking (T). National Interest Waiver (NIW).

  • May you want to talk to a lawyer with solid experience & knowledge on immigration affairs (specially reforms) that can help you navigate the whole thing, avoiding dead ends and potentially undesired outcomes, helping you obtain a greencard (through a relative, fiancé/e or employer) according to your particular issue, keeping your paperwork in rule.

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If your aim is to permanently migrate to the United States, in order to obtain legal residency, you’ll need to apply for what’s known as a green card, through the USCIS. Which is also known by its full name, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

How To Apply For A Green Card Through The USCIS

  • Register An Online Account

The simplest way to submit an application is through registering for an account through the USCIS website. Remember that once you’ve filled out your details, you’ll need to click on the link which is sent to the email which you provided, in order to confirm the creation of your new USCIS account.

  • Fill Out The Required Forms

Next, search for the forms which are associated with the specific type of green card that you plan on applying for and ensure that each form is properly filled out.

  • Consider Whether You Need To Attach Supplementary Evidence Or Not

Through your personal USCIS account, you’ll be able to attach supplementary evidence to your online forms. For instance, if you have been fortunate enough to be offered a legitimate job offer from a potential new employer in the United States you may need to prove that you’re qualified for the job position. In which case it pays to upload a copy of your verified college transcripts and any industry-relevant qualifications that you may have to your online forms.

As another example, if you wish to apply for a family-sponsored green card through a parent who is a US citizen or resident, it’s a wise idea to upload a verified copy of your birth certificate. Which shows your full name, date of birth, and your parent’s full name. Which will prove that you are indeed the child of your US-based parent and have a legal right to apply for a green card through your parent.

  • Pay Two Mandatory Fees

There are two mandatory fees that you’ll be able to conveniently pay online. The first of which is your application fee, which you’ll be able to pay using a credit card. The second fee that you’ll need to pay is your biometric services fee. Which will cover the cost of your mandatory appointment during which your fingerprints, photos, and digital signature will be taken.

  • Check The Status Of Your Applications Via USCIS Portal

As you’ll be able to log in to your USCIS account at any time, it’s a great idea to routinely check the status of your application through your account. If you are particularly concerned about the length of time it’s taking the USCIS to process your application, you will have the opportunity to message a representative of the USCIS through your account for additional assistance.


Once you have completed this process, all that you’ll need to do is to wait for the USCIS to approve your eligibility. If you are deemed an eligible application, your application will be transferred to a US embassy or consulate who will ultimately decide if you are granted a green card to move to the United States or not.

Green Card – Ready To Answer All Your Inquiries

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  • If you are an alien, do not hesitate and get in contact with the best-rated team for you to reach an adjustment of status, we will handle the department of homeland security (DHS) for you.

  • Are you an immigrant and is your visa about to expire? remember you have quite a lot of options to extend your duration here in case you are still doing the activity for which the document was granted in the first place, or even greater, if you already have a close relative family member we can aid you obtaining a derivative position so you may keep living with your beloved ones, do not shilly-shally to get a Lincoln-Goldfinch representative.

  • Did you overstay and you are about to lose your standing? Call us now and engage a certified law firm you might have plenty of chances to lodge legally in the US such as applying for a DS extended if you are a missionary laborer.

  • If you received your Appointment Package get an experienced attorney so we can assist you with your Form I-797 or better known as approval notice by the USCIS, guiding you each step of the way and filling out every one of the documents in the finest possible way and avoiding any mistakes.

  • You might be close to finishing your immigration process, but remember any little mistake can cause a huge delay, avoid this and get a good teams of attorneys we will take care of the (NVC) and complete all of this for you and make sure you are documentarily qualified.

  • Get a top defense to speak on your behalf and see if you can apply for a LIFE Act, these permits individuals who were already based in the U.S. to stay with their families and continue working (even for a Lay Worker) while a thoroughgoing revision of the paperwork.

  • If you are looking to arrive here and you have exceptional abilities, recruit an amazing lawyer we can do this procedure hassle-free using a National Interest Waiver.

  • Are you a nonimmigrant just wanting to travel for tourism to the USA? Hire an excellent group of lawyers, we will ensure everything is done in the greatest way.

  • Get a great office of councils who can help you with anything when you trying to get here for nonimmigrants, such as Advance Parole.

  • Call our phone (telephone) number (855) 502-0555 or reach us at to program a consult with us, it is possible to arrange appointments for the same day!

  • Handle over the details and particularities of your inquiry with us now! We offer a free evaluation of your case throughout our first meeting and explain everything in detail with no hassle, open also on saturdays, Sundays & every weekend.

  • In our AVVO, BBO, Facebook, YouTube profiles, and channels, you can stay up to date and see more info about us and what our clients consider of our marvelous service!

Immigration & Naturalization Service – Bringing Opportunities To Immigrant Families

If you’ve filled out your citizenship application form and are currently preparing for your interview with a USCIS officer, you’ve come to the right place. As listed below is a handy, invaluable guide to properly preparing for your citizenship interview.

How To Prepare For Your Internship Interview

  • Arrive At Your USCIS Field Office 30 Minutes Before The Scheduled Interview

All interviews take place at USCIS field offices and you will be given a letter that will tell you which USCIS field office you’ll need to report to on the day of your interview. It’s advisable to arrive 30 minutes early as you will need to go through security before your interview takes place.

  • Obtain All The Documents Needed For The Interview

Some of the documents which you’ll need to take to your interview include your permanent resident card which is also known as your green card and a state-issued form of identification. Your driver’s license or State ID will be accepted for your state-issued form of identification. You’ll also need to obtain all of your travel documents such as your passport and your arrival and departure forms and proof of your current marital status.

  • Decide Whether Or Not You Require Support

Each applicant is entitled to invite one support person to attend their interview with them. However, while you are allowed to invite an interpreter as being able to understand English is a prerequisite to become a US citizen, it may be a wise idea not to invite an interpreter to your interview. Due to the fact that inviting an interpreter to your interview may cast doubt about your English comprehension which could hurt your chances of passing your interview.

  • Expect Your Interview To Last 20 Minutes

The average USCIS interview only lasts 20 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about being grilled by a USCIS officer for a prolonged period of time. Most interviews don’t exceed 20 minutes as each agent will have to complete a long list of interviews per day.

  • Be Aware That That You Will Answer Your Questions Under An Oath

In order to ensure that applicants answer every question openly and honestly, all applicants are required to swear an oath at the beginning of their interview.

  • Expect The Vast Majority Of Questions To Be Similar On Your N-400 Form

USCIS agents are unlikely to ask questions that are out of the ordinary and instead are likely to ask you similar questions to the questions that you were asked on your N-400 form.

  • Ensure That Your Responses Match The Answers On Your N-400 Form

As the agent that will conduct your citizenship interview has read the contents of your N-400 form and can refer back to it during your interview, ensure that the answers that you give in your oral interview are similar to the answers which you provided on your N-400 form.


If you keep all of the information listed above in mind, you should have no trouble on the day of your citizenship interview and should have your application for citizenship approved.

Citizenship – Making Your Family’s Dream Come True

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  • You just adopted a child and you are looking for him/her to become one of the many citizens in the US? do not worry about all the messy paperwork for it, get an experienced law firms and let us take care of it so you get a full and final adoption with no mistakes.

  • If you are in the way of getting an Ar-11 Alien’s Change of Address Card, conditional residence, Derivative stand, or a Common-law marriage, don’t drain any other minute and call a certified lawyer, we will manage the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • We have the best-rated attorneys ready to assist you with any of the following tedious procedures, we will guide you each step of the way when filling any of the following forms: N-400, N-445, N-470, N- 565, N-600, N-600K, N-648, G-28, we have distinguished representatives with tons of experience with all the regulatory entities for immigration such as the INS, LPRA, and CBO.

  • Are you risking your citizenship due to an aggravated felony and about to become an alien to the USA again? speak to us and get yourself a top defence.

  • If you previously got ineligibility and your re-entry is not permitted and everything else is being denied, hire an exceptional team of lawyers who will help-out regain your previous standing, by constitution we will do our best to get you to the port of entry successfully approved, we all are humans and we all have a good moral character we will prove it, so you can be granted a permanent resident.

  • If you already cohabit with your family in this nation and you have become a lawful citizen by doing your oath of allegiance and by your physical presence, you can sought for them so they do not have to go through this matter all over again.

  • Call us now and we will get you assistance in all of your affairs for a smooth transition, beginning from providing your fingerprints to the Application Support Center, having your affair done most of the part mailed, filed electronically, or filed with a USCIS Lockbox in a Service Center, all the way to register your self to the Selective Service entity for military enlistment this applies even if you are an undocumented immigrant.

  • Should you seek professional support to prevent getting deported by the control agencies due to your documents becoming invalid or expired.

  • Get a consultation from a really good legal firm counsel on how you can proceed with your biometrics through the electronic system for travel authorization and complete your border-crossing smooth as possible.

  • Avoid getting banished due to expired documentation by talking to a top-notch counselor in your city.

  • Interested in obtaining my green card through a relative living in the US.

  • If you are an alien to the US and you are looking to get admittance and you want everything at the ports-of-entry to go smooth as possible, let us take care of this and more such as if you are entering through the diversity program (DV) we will handle the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) based on your rank order number.

  • Get a documentarily qualified condition call us and get five-star guidance, we will handle everything you may need, up to an exchange visitor program if you are a lay worker or even if you are applying as a joint sponsor.

  • Become an (LPRA) without worrying that much with tedious activities such as filling every form requested by entities like the immigration and naturalization service(INS) or immigration and nationality Act (INA), we will get you the labor certification from the DOL so you maintain condition in case you have become ineligible or even get an extension of stay (form I-94).

  • get a council to explain to you if you are looking to travel to the United States for tourism, business or while in transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa with the VWP using an automated system ESTA for a fast result, and in the given case you want to overstay we can check on your duration of status and request for a extend of this period.

  • If you accomplish certain conditions, you may be granted a Re-entry Permit, this apply for returning residents get a top-5 representation, we can give you a helping hand by doing a revalidation or Renewal procedure.

  • An American or Mexican business person seeking entry to Canada is eligible for consideration under the provisions of the NAFTA: North American Free-Trade Agreement, get in touch right now with a recommended law member to aid you with this boring operations.

  • You could stand an unbelievable chance to enter with little effort if your origin country does not have that many people applying, get a great representative to support you with your lottery admission, or even advise you with LIFE act organization if you have family members already here.

  • Remember that you can have a more agile process if a blood member is already arranging his or her paperwork, discover more about the First/second/third/fourth Preference, you could be a following to join to this person fathering a priority date.

  • You could stand an incredible probability to enter with succinct effort if your birth country does not have numerous people petitioning, accept a prominent delegate to aid you with your lottery process, or if you have relatives affiliates already here.

  • You might be likely to appeal if you are a legitimate immigrate and your petition to overextend was rejected and you presume it was an invalid verdict, engage an aggressive defense and we will make certain this rejection has all the events exhausted so you do not get exile.

  • If you are currently held in a detention center get in touch with one of our experts who can serve you to get out of it promptly if you are compliant to live willingly the estate and the country.

  • Know that picking the right person can get you savoring this nation, there are some intercountry advantages for nonimmigrant applying to the EB(1,2,3) so you might become an official in America.

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Asylum & Central America

El Salvador*

In 2020 there were 15,000 people who escaped El Salvador to seek asylum in other countries. This is 0,231% of the total population. The most common destinations have been:

  • United States – 5,141
  • Mexico – 4,053
  • Spain – 2,521
  • Italy – 1,049
  • United Kingdom – 1,043

We can see from this that the most popular asylum destination has been the U.S. However, the United States accepts far fewer of these applications than many other countries. In 2020 the acceptance rate was 11.7%, whilst Mexico accepted 83.8%.


In 2020 11,447 refugees have fled from Guatemala to seek asylum. This represents 0.068% of the total population. The most common destinations have been:

  • United States – 7,870
  • Mexico – 3,005
  • Spain – 463
  • Canada 47
  • Italy – 17

Once again, the most popular asylum destination is the United States. In 2020 the acceptance rate for Guatemalan applicants was 16%. While Canada received far fewer applications, 100% of all applications were accepted.


In 2020 27,596 people fled Honduras to seek asylum elsewhere. This represents 0.279% of the total population. The most common destinations were:

  • Mexico – 15,469
  • United States – 5,705
  • Spain – 5,536
  • United Kingdom – 230
  • Guatemala – 207

The United States was only the second most popular choice for Honduran asylum seekers. In 2020 the acceptance rate for asylum applications in the U.S. was 14.3%. Mexico with the greatest number of applicants approved 85.8%

Why Are Central Americans Seeking Asylum?

the most frequent reason for asylum seekers to flee the country is to escape gang violence. the three countries of the Central American Northern Triangle are facing extraordinary levels of violence at the moment. typically, the victims of such violence are often women and children. Local gangs often try to forcibly recruit these vulnerable people and girls are also forced into relationships with gang members.

These claims are not frivolous or baseless and under the terms of asylum law in the U.S. that those fleeing gang violence qualify for protection and should be accepted. The gangs are interested in recruiting women and underage young people as they are less obvious when carrying out drug smuggling and collecting payments from victims.

Credible Fear

Asylum seekers must pass several obstacles to successfully apply for asylum, the first of which is the “Credible Fear” test. A great deal of difference exists in the success rate of applicants, depending on where their cases are being held. An example of this was reported by Reuters in 2017. Two mothers in Honduras got involved with a parent teachers’ association to drive gangs from the school campus. they were individually threatened by armed gangs who promised to kill them if they did not do as the gangs demanded.

Weeks apart from each other they both left with their children and reached texas when they were taken into custody. They both ended up in the same detention centre where they both applied for asylum. Until this point, their stories had been identical.

However, one joined her husband in California and her case was heard by a judge based in San Francisco. The other joined the father of her child in North Carolina. Her case was heard in Charlotte. Two identical cases with two very different results. The asylum seeker in California was given asylum and the one in Charlotte was refused.

The chance of success in an asylum case is impacted by where the case is heard. The judge in Charlotte ordered immediate deportation in 84% of cases. The court in California only refused 36% of cases.

  • Judge Olivia Cassin – New York – allows 93% of immigrants to remain.**
  • Judge Monique Harris – Houston allows just 4% of immigrants to remain.**

Disparities such as these show how important it is to obtain the services of an experienced immigration


*Data supplied by

**This data was gathered from the Executive Office for Immigration Review


Asylum – That Helps You Protect Yourself

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  • Get a knowledgeable well-rated lawyer to aid you with everything you necessitate to do, regarding if you are a refugee or asylee, and give you a helping hand sharpening out any required form such as the I-589 that can benefit both you and your family (spouse or child or the I-730 that also helps you with this and more relatives) upon the approval of their I-485 with the DHS, refugees are recognized as a LPR as of the date of their arrival in the United States.

  • If you are facing danger in your birth country and want to immigrate to the US, don’t delay your process anymore and get the top-of-the-line team of lawyers, we will treat you with all the respect you deserve and guide you every step of the way if you are considering for employment, protection, or if you can not arrange repatriation because you are in parole and this is your first asylum, we will seek and address any nesseary affair for getting an admission, our experts know how to handle every agency such as the OPE, RPC, NACARA.

  • Are you part of a Mixed Flows migration nexus (nonimmigrants, immigrant)? we surmise this can happen due to many things: you could be a displaced person, statelessness looking for a sponsor or resettlement or you could be even striving to get one of the three durable solutions while in the U.S. do not worry we understand all of these terms can be challenging or confusing, that is why we have an incredible group of attorneys with tons of expertise in this topic, call Lincoln-Goldfinch now for preparing your allocation.

  • You can browse our AVVO and BBB profiles to learn about our satisfied clients’ marvelous reviews and peer endorsements.

  • Obtain assistance from a 5-Star rated specialist with a broad and complete portfolio of services; open 24/7 (we are also open late evenings, on Saturday, Sunday and generally will reply on weekends, holidays)

  • Skillful, reliable and honest mediator should be great at aiding you to solve the conflict, and at the abruptest provide a set of strong recommendations to further move the process.

  • Dial our phone (telephone) number (855) 502-0555 for a free case evaluation or check our online site at for more information about us.

  • When searching for an excellent law firm, take into an account the awards, accolades, ratings, community involvement and field training, past case outcomes of the firm at hand; all of this could potentially increase your chances of finding someone who can successfully represent you and serves in Austin in neighborhoods such as Allandale, Anderson Mill, Barton Hills, Blackland, Bouldin Creek, Bremond Block Historic District, Brentwood, Bryker Woods, Canyon Creek, Chinatown, Circle C Ranch, Clarksville, Congress Avenue, Copperfield, Crestview, Dawson, Dove Springs with zip codes, 73301, 73344, 78613, 78617, 78652, 78653, 78660, 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78708, 78709, 78711, 78710, 78712, 78713, 78714, 78715.

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If you are not a full US citizen, you can be ordered to leave the United States if you are found guilty of committing various crimes which range in severity. However, if you have been a legal resident in the US for over 5 years, there is a chance that you will not be made to leave the country. Usually the more serious the crime is which an individual has committed, the longer they will be barred from reentering the country, after they have been successfully deported. To discover some of the main crimes that can result in deportation, simply continue reading.

Crimes That Can Result In Deportation

  • Entering The Country With Forged Documents

If you turn up at a port of entry into the US with forged documents, you will be immediately sent back to the port which you came from. In this case, you won’t be granted an immigration hearing or a chance to state your case for being allowed to enter the United States.

  • Violation Of The Terms Of Your Visa

Many individuals enter the country legally but overstay the terms of their visa and become illegal aliens. So, if you entered the United States on a legal, short term visa and decided to remain in the United States, if you are caught, you are likely to be sent back to your country of citizenship. If you are concerned about your safety and wellbeing if you were to be deported, it may be worth talking to an immigration attorney about how to apply for asylum in the United States. Which will allow you to stop hiding and to live a full life in the United States, without having to worry about being detained by ICE.

  • The Possession Or Trafficking Of Illegal Firearms

If you are a permanent resident in the United States and purchase a legal firearm that is permitted in the state in which you reside, you will not be at risk of being deported. However, if you are caught with an illegal weapon in your possession or trafficking illegal weapons, you will find yourself in a deportation hearing. Worse yet, if you are an illegal alien who is caught with illegal firearms you will be detained in a detention center until the day of your master hearing or preliminary hearing.

  • Serious Crime

While there are crimes that will not get you deported from the country, if you commit a violent crime, for which you serve time, you will find yourself in an immigration court. Some examples of crimes that are classed as serious crimes in the United States include child abuse, domestic violence, assault and fraud. Not all crimes immediately result in a Notice to Appear being sent out as if you are convicted of a less serious crime such as theft of a small value, it is unlikely that you will receive a notice to appear in your nearest immigration court.

So, if you want to ensure that you are never deported from the United States, there are a few actions which you can take. Firstly, you should abstain from engaging in all of the serious crimes which are listed above. Secondly, you should apply to become a US citizen as soon as possible. Thirdly, you should have an immigration lawyer on call, in case you are ever summoned to an immigration court hearing.


Deportation – Developing Resolutions To Each Particular Situation

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  • Are you an immigrant and is the (ICE) proceeding to deport you? do not waste any minute and get in touch with a highly rated law firm.

  • You might be eligible for a REPAT program designed for aliens who came here as nonimmigrants currently incarcerated to expedite release if you voluntarily accept to return to your origin country.

  • If you are facing deportation call us now and get an experienced lawyer.

  • Get high and well-rated lawyers if you think the (ERO) guideline is not being followed as supposed to.

  • If you are an undocumented alien facing removal proceedings, you may be able to go through an adjustment of status process to get a green card and become a lawful permanent resident.

  • You as a foreigner who reached this outstanding nation as a nonimmigrant person, and you are being currently held in a detention center due to an aggravated felony or criminal activity and about to be deported, and banished back to your homeland, dont waste another minute, get in contact with a top-notch representative.

  • If you feel that your civil rights have been violated in your immigration process, you can file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security, we will look after your best interest, get the most reliable law office in Austin, TX or any of its zip codes, 78716, 78717, 78718, 78719, 78720, 78721, 78722, 78723, 78724, 78725, 78726, 78727, 78728, 78729, 78730.

  • Have you been kicked out of your country? You may be eligible to file an I-212 form to apply for readmission to the U.S. You may appeal certain rulings if you are qualified. Seek superior-rated legal advice before appealing.

  • You can browse through our AVVO and BBB profiles to read our satisfied clients’ amazing reviews and peer endorsements.

  • Request aid from an approved board-certified authority that specializes in visa affairs, ready 24/7, also open on Saturday, Sunday, and all weekends.

  • Dial our telephone (phone) number now (855) 502-0555 and program an meeting with a premier specialist nearby your location to assess your current dilemma.

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  • Looking to register an emergency consultation to address an urgent concern? Communicate with our crew today and request a same-day appointment; receive a quotation while your initial session at our facility.

  • When choosing competent counsel to steward you, evaluate their resume and achievements- do they have award-winning credentials, media mentions, trustworthy accounts of prior results for comparable circumstances to yours? This can unquestionably be part of the recipe for obtaining a successful outcome.

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Immigration Appeals: What Are They And How Do They Work?

What Is an Immigration Appeal?

An immigration appeal is a request to have an immigration case heard again after the decision of an immigration judge. If either of the parties involved in an immigration case feel the decision of the judge wasn’t favorable, there is a legal provision to file for an appeal. Whenever individuals file for an appeal, there’s hope that the decision can turn to their favor. There are particular reasons why authorities allow for appeals.

Why Should You Appeal?

There has to be a valid reason why you would want to file for an appeal. If there isn’t sufficient reason for one, it won’t be successful. One of the reasons why the authorities mandated to hear appeals allow them is if a court overlooked evidence. Before the final determination of an immigration case, the court allows for the presentation of evidence. It is from this that the judge makes the final decision. Therefore, if the court happens to ignore evidence, you have the right to file an appeal based on that.

Another factor that pushes for an appeal is ignoring the testimony of a witness. The submissions of a witness are important in determination the conclusion of a case. So, if you’re involved in an immigration case and you believe that the testimony of a witness wasn’t accorded the attention it deserved, you can push for an appeal.

Lastly, if you believe the process of delivering an immigration case verdict was not fair, you have the right of appealing the decision of the court. This is because you would like to have a fair hearing of your case.

Institutions You Can File Appeals To

There are specific institutions where you can file immigration appeals to. The institutions should have the capacity hear the appeals. These institutions receive appeal requests because of their superior nature in interpreting and application of immigration law. If you would like to file for an immigration appeal, you can direct it to the Board of Immigration Appeals or the Administrative Appeals Office. As you file appeals to either of the above-mentioned, you should consider the type of case you need to appeal. They handle different types of immigration appeal cases. Thus, if you’re not sure about jurisdiction, you should consult an immigration lawyer to work with you.

The Appeal Process

If you’re considering appealing the decision of an immigration judge, you should file for an appeal within 30 calendar days after the court decision. The institution handling the appeal should receive the appeal notice within 30 days for it to go through. On average, the process should take 6 to 12 months for the appeal office to make a determination.

The Need for a Lawyer

The appeal process is involving and full of procedures and rules. To increase the chances of winning in an immigration appeal case, it’s advisable to work with an immigration attorney. Since an attorney has experience and knowledge on immigration matters, it is best to have one for your case.


Appeals – Rated 5 Stars On AVVO & Google

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  • If you have been incarcerated you might be elegible as an immigrant alien for appealing and requesting a REPAT that can give you an early release if you are willing to voluntarily leave the country, for all of these tedious processes do not hesitate and get the best-rated team of lawyers even if you are an undocumented(not a lawful green card) nonimmigrant you can appeal to the DHS an adjustment of status and request a permanent resident, get advice and legal representation from a top-notch lawyer.

  • Are you one of many aliens facing a deportation? remember there are three levels of appeals you as a foreign still have your civil rights, we can help you with everything related to these matters such as the unemployed benefit (even for nonimmigrants), requesting a readmission to the U.S. or handling the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), get a highly-rated law firm that can assist you with these and much more.

  • Schedule an appointment / consult with a prominent, highly reviewed, and skilled counsel in the state of TX, offering a no-obligation free consultation specialized in trial courts such as criminal or civil, and challenge cases in higher courts as the Supreme Court in Austin and its neighborhoods like Downtown Austin, The DragEast Cesar Chavez, East Riverside-Oltorf, Easton Park, French Place, Galindo, Granada Hills, Hancock, Hyde Park Historic District, Jollyville, Montopolis, Moore’s Crossing Historic District, Mueller Community, North Burnet–Gateway, North Shoal Creek and zip codes, 78731, 78732, 78733, 78734, 78735, 78736, 78737, 78738, 78739, 78740, 78741, 78742, 78743, 78744, 78745.

  • Communicate with Lincoln-Goldfinch, the head of a reliable team of advocates with a huge amount of wisdom and expertise that will guard your interests in the given case of a harmful legal error has occurred, after a motion is granted, most often the appellate court will remand the case back with instructions on how to fix the errors that the lower tribunal made.

  • Expanding our Availability to 24/7 (twenty-four/seven), presently open on Saturdays, Sundays, and every weekend.

  • View the amazing reviews and valuations left by our satisfied clients on our BBB and AVVO profiles, superlawyers, yelp, and other legal directories and social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, tik tok, Twitter).

  • By reaching a committed and proficient expert that has a deep portfolio of services concentrated in a petition process by which a judgment/order of a subordinate is challenged before its superior (it can be filed only by a person who has been party to the matter before the subordinate) your opportunities of procuring a successful result will increase.

  • Enlist award-winning authorities in the field, to examine the circumstances and strategies to follow and provide results to your trouble!

  • It’s invariably better to chat to a licensed counselor regarding any sort of aid you might require about your predicaments and hardships.

Bankruptcy Attorney – Bringing Financial Stability For You

When faced with all those financial hardships that have been bothering you, you may want to take the decision to file for bankruptcy. But once you decide on filing for bankruptcy, often things like lack of knowledge about the whole process and the tiresome process of completing the entire documentation is the reason why many opt out of the option of filing for bankruptcy.

In this piece we will hence walk you through all the detailed steps that are involved as a part of the bankruptcy filing process:

Steps Involved in Bankruptcy Filing

Please treat these steps as a guide and a roadmap or a guiding checklist to file in the bankruptcy case filing journey and the process:

  1. First step is to learn more about how to file for bankruptcy under Chapters 7 and Chapter 13 what all is involved in these chapters and more.
  2. The next step is to assess if filing for bankruptcy is going to erase all the debts that you have. In some cases, filing for bankruptcy will wipe off all your debts such as when the major portion of your debts are unsecured debts.
  3. You will have to check your options whether you can keep your property and retain other assets that you have.
  4. Then comes the step of checking whether you qualify for filing for bankruptcy and what will be the bankruptcy Chapter under you can file for bankruptcy.
  5. The best practice is to hire a bankruptcy attorney as a bankruptcy attorney is the best person to assess your options – an attorney can help you complete the documentation or check what case will you qualify for whether Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
  6. Once you know that a specific type of debt is covered under the Bankruptcy Chapter you can stop paying for that debt – the idea is to stop paying the debts that qualify as per your Bankruptcy file case.
  7. The next step is to start gathering all the necessary income and financial documentation that will be needed to file for bankruptcy.
  8. Once you file for bankruptcy under any of the chapters, you will be directed by the court to go for a credit counselling course.
  9. The next step is to ensure you fill out all the paperwork correctly and file the case. In this step, your attorney is the best person to help and guide you with the process.
  10. Once you fill in the paperwork it is time to submit all the financial proof that you have gathered in Step 7. In this step you or your attorney will submit all your documentation along with the case.
  11. You will then be required to attend a meeting by the Creditors known as the 341 meeting.
  12. Then comes the stage when your final hearing for the bankruptcy case will be heard and you will then have to propose a payment plan (Only in Chapter 13 bankruptcy case).
  13. After your payment plan is approved by the bankruptcy court you will also be required to take up a debtor’s education course and file the certificate with the court.
  14. The final step is to start making the monthly payments as per the proposed payment plan (Chapter 13) for the entire term of 3 or 5 years whichever is applicable in your case. In the end of the term your left over loans will be discharged or written off.

Though based on the different bankruptcy files you qualify for there may be changes in these steps, the overall outline of the entire process remains the same.

Final Thoughts

To conclude and to summarize – the bankruptcy filing process may look to be very tiresome and frustrating but if you are aware of the right steps it may not be that difficult after all. Make use of the detailed steps outlined here and for more guidance speak to your bankruptcy lawyer today.


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  • If you as a debtor are looking to liquidate the debt of your borrower, acquire a best-rated lawyer who can ease this situation for you and help you get a moderate tender of payment that will be fair enough for both of parties.

  • In search for an experienced, yet affordable and highly-rated team of lawyers? get in touch with us and rest assured that you as a creditor will receive what you are owed even if it is credit card money, we will make certain you are given what is only fair.

  • We comprehend there are some troublesome life events that can make it challenging for you to process your payments on their expected date, if you are looking for liquidation of your debts do not hesitate and visit us now, get an amazing group of attorneys with tons of expertise in chapter 13, we will get you a pretty fair deal of installments so you can get your debt balance to 0, without having to give up many of your daily basis basic stuff that you require for living a quality life.

  • If you accept that someone lends you some money now you have a liability entitled to that other person/entity, do not get your monetary life get ruined, just because an unfortunate circumstance is hindering you from processing your monthly recurrent payment, hire an experienced and qualified attorney which will get you away of this crisis in the most immeasurable plausible deal.

  • Is the lender not willing to accept your payment? keep in mind this nonexempt you to get your finances up to date, choose a top-of-the-line representation we can support you with the process of consignation to this person who extends you this credit, so you may evade any legal juridical problem that can lead to a distribution of your properties

  • If you are bankrupted reach us and get a nice and verified representative who can advise you when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court in these circumstances set an automatic temporary stay on your current debt. This prevents creditors from collecting and soliciting payments, garnishing your wages, foreclosing on your home, repossessing property, evicting you, or turning off your utilities.

  • Do you need to collect your wage, but this and even your assets are being compromised and jeopardized because you default on a loan you owed? Come and get a topmost council who can serve you with the repayment, restitution, or compensation of your liabilities, and evade losing more than is necessary.

  • We can represent you as a party who has the standing to be heard by the tribunal in a matter yet to be decided. The administrator, the case trustee are parties in interest for most matters, get a really strong defense our crew of counselors will grant you a free evaluation during your first consultation remember our business is open twenty-four seven (24/7) and also on Saturday, Sunday, and all weekends.

  • Receive more information regarding our company, and check the astonishing reviews customers leave us and how we manage our firm in our AVVO, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, BBB, Google, and other social media, or visit our online page at

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  • We are taking cases every day, from Monday to Friday and extended services to Saturdays, Sundays, and all weekends.

  • Examine your dilemmas with the unbelievable most competent counselor you can rely on!

  • Contact a professional with triumphant results and huge winning rate records.

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FAQs About Chapter 7

Most people about to file for Chapter-7 in Texas or any other state have some questions about the process. We’ve taken the time to compile some common Chapter-7 bankruptcy questions and their respective answers below;

1. Should I have a specific amount of assets to file for Chapter 7?

Generally, every state has an income limit for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To qualify, your disposable income should be below the mean Income level of your state. In Texas and many other states, you must take a means test to see if your income and expenses qualify.

2. Will I Lose Everything When I File For Chapter 7?

No. The main reason for filing is to keep your most basic possessions. Depending on the bankruptcy attorney you work with, you can keep more possessions. The law also protects some property/assets. Generally, you get to keep any assets/property you need to earn a living. This includes a home to live in and a car to go to work with. However, there are specifics involved that are best interpreted by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

3. Will All My Debt Be Discharged?

No! Chapter 7 doesn’t get rid of some debt. For instance, child support payments and spousal payments can’t be wiped out by Chapter 7. However, there are legal ways of getting reprieve from such payments. Talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Texas to understand how you can renegotiate or lower debt that you can’t discharge.

4. What Debt Can I Get Rid Of By Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Generally, medical bills, credit card bills, and other unsecured personal debt is dischargeable using Chapter-7.

5. What Is The Cost Of Filing For Chapter 7?

The total cost of Chapter-7 bankruptcy varies. Generally, it can cost approximately $800 to $2,200 but can go beyond this range depending on many factors. For instance, bankruptcy courts have different charges for different things, and it costs to request documents, make changes to submitted information, etc. Bankruptcy lawyers are the best-placed professionals to say exactly how much it costs to file your Chapter-7 case.

6. What’s The Difference Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 11?

The most notable difference lies in how debt is severed. In chapter-7, some of your debt gets discharged. However, in Chapter 11, your debt is reorganized. You’ll still pay if you file chapter 11. However, the repayment terms will be better. Generally, individuals who don’t qualify for Chapter-7 can automatically file for chapter-11.

7. What’s The Difference Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13?

Chapter-7 and Chapter-13 differences can be best explored by looking at the timelines. Chapter 7 takes less time (4-6 months) compared to 3-5 years for Chapter-13.

8. What Type Of Bankruptcy Should I Choose?

Chapter-7 is incredibly popular for discharging debt fast and easy. However, you must meet stringent requirements. What’s more, the bankruptcy has its own pros and cons. Generally, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney to find the best bankruptcy for you.

A seasoned Texas bankruptcy attorney can also answer any other questions you have about bankruptcy allowing you to make an informed decision.


Chapter 7 – Highly Qualified Legal Office

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  • In the event that a borrower defaults on the repayment of a secured loan it could compromised on the property or properties, wage or even foreclosing on its home, with this matter you do not want to leave destiny to luck, hire a professional experienced yet affordable attorney who can support you every step of the way, in the given case you desire to make a tender of payment, dodge eviction or losing your assets, recognize creditors are not always willing to be helpful and you are nonexempt of what you owe, you still need to process your payments to liquidate your debts, we can serve you getting a fair deal, so your installments are not so high.

  • There are many benefits from choosing chapter 7 for bankruptcy, various details that you need to take into account, but do not bother with that, drop that to our team of expert lawyers they will advise you with liquidation if you are a debtor, with the distribution of the remaining of your wealth, your credit card bills, consignation of funds, extend credit to another party, keep your finances in a good standing, avoid garnishment on your wages and keep away from someone evicting from your own house because of what you owes, or even turning off your utilities.

  • We understand that when a creditor/lender is collecting the bill of what he lends you can be really upsetting in the event he is willing to use attorneys for this he could be garnishing what you possess and you got with so much effort, do not waste any other second and get the best-rated lawyer, we can aid you to solve this in the most reliable possible and arrange your balance paid-off in an amazing human way.

  • Get a higly-rated group to represent you if you are not being able to sent your monthly check for your liability, we can get you a temporary stay on your obligations, in the meantime everything gets better in your life.

  • Take advantage of a wide variety of paid plans that are segmented to match income levels, length, and complexity of the situation; we strive to offer inexpensive (whenever plausible) retainers, and a selection of adjustment methods for your convenience (cash, money order, cashier’s checks).

  • Northwest Hills, Oak Hill, Old West Austin, Onion Creek, Pemberton Heights, Rainey Street, Rosedale, Saint John, Scenic Brook, Shadow Lawn Historic District, Sixth Street, South Congress, South Lamar 78746, 78747, 78748, 78749, 78750, 78751, 78752, 78753, 78754, 78755, 78756, 78757, 78758.

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Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 11

If you find yourself in debt problems in Texas or any other state in America, you can file for many types of bankruptcies. Our focus here is on Chapter 13 vs Chapter 11. What are the key differences between these two types? What are the similarities? To compare Chapters 13 & 11, we must examine both bankruptcies individually.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 can be filed by individuals, businesses, joint ventures, partnerships, and companies (LLCs). This bankruptcy type is open to almost every entity. What’s more, there are no debt limitations or a specific income threshold.

However, those who choose Chapter-11 must brace themselves from a complex and costly process. As a result, this bankruptcy is commonly preferable to businesses as opposed to individuals.

In regards to purpose, the entity filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to close down operations. They can stay open and rework their finances. The plan requires you to present a reorganization plan which includes how you will reduce your expenses.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Unlike Chapter 11 that can be filed by anyone or any entity regardless of financial standing, Chapter 13 is for individuals who still have a stable source of income. The bankruptcy also has debt limitations, unlike Chapter-11. For instance, secured and unsecured debt shouldn’t exceed $1,257,850 and $419,275, respectively. This applies between April 2019 and April 2022.

Chapter-13 also requires individuals to prepare and submit debt repayment plans that show how all debt will be paid in 3 to 5 years. In Chapter 13, you may be able to save some assets such as your car and home. However, you must make monthly payments as agreed to a bankruptcy trustee who sends the money to creditors. The total amount paid to creditors is either the same or more than what they would receive in other types of bankruptcies.

Main Differences & Similarities Between Chapters 13 & Chapter 11

The main differentiator of Chapters 13 and 11 include cost, eligibility, and timelines. While both bankruptcies allow you to restructure your finances and remain in business, they take different completion timelines. Chapter-13 takes 3-5 years. Chapter-11 takes less time (6-24 months). As mentioned above, Chapter 11 is more complex and costly than Chapter 13.

Both types of bankruptcies help debtors to modify their debt repayment on secured debt, get time to sell property/assets, and remove challenging debt obligations that can’t be met within the plan’s term. However, you can get rid of more debt using Chapter-13 than Chapter-11.

Other factors to consider when comparing the two bankruptcies include the entity filing. While Chapter 11 is open for almost everyone or every entity, Chapter-13 requires some form of recurrent income. There are also debt limits for secured and unsecured debt.

Which Bankruptcy Should You Choose? Chapter 13 or Chapter 11?

It depends. You should focus on your own unique circumstance before deciding. However, a Texas bankruptcy attorney with vast experience in Chapter 13 & Chapter 11 should help you decide. Take advantage of the FREE consultation sessions offered by leading bankruptcy attorneys in Texas.


Chapter 13 – Consistent & Reliable Support

Keep reading.
  • Reach an experienced lawyer who can assist you as a debtor proposing a repayment strategy to make installments to creditors with a wage earner’s program.

  • Get in touch with a highly-rated attorney who can support you with all the processes needed so you can repay your secure and unsecured debts no matter how complicated things look now we will get your back, hire an amazing law firm who can guide you all the way so you can pay off and create an installment arrangement for your creditor, and finally liquidate the balance you owe.

  • If you want to keep your home or any other property while filing for bankruptcy, communicate with the greatest-rated crew of attorneys who can aid you with the liquidation of what you owe by making a payment plan over 3 to 5 years, we will explain to you anything that might look confusing, with things such as a trustee, consignation, create a tender of payment to your credit-card, distribution and more.

  • If you are currently having issues with your finances contact a team of well-rated lawyers with tons of expertise in the field, so everything gets solved with the person who back then did lends you money (known as the lender-borrower), and now you have a liability with her/him and you are nonexempt of this obligation and need to process the corresponding payments, we will help you get a great deal so you can still live nice.

  • In most cases, you cannot discharge (wipe out) taxes in Chapter 13. Instead, you need to prepare the corresponding payments of your tax, which could last either three or five years. Get a good group of councils who can take you every step of the way.

  • Get a strong representation if you are a party that is looking to extend your exceptions.

  • South River City, Spyglass-Barton’s Bluff, Swedish Hill, Tarrytown, Travis Heights, Waters Park, West Campus, Westgate, West Line, Willow-Spence Streets, Windsor Hills, Windsor Park, Wooten, Zilker. 78759, 78760, 78761, 78762, 78763, 78764, 78765, 78766, 78767, 78768, 78769, 78772, 78773, 78774, 78778, 78779, 78783, 78799.

Kyle, TX

Kyle is a southern suburb of Austin, Texas, though Buda is closer. San Leanna is between Buda, Texas and Austin. The small town of Wimberley is west of the city off RM 150. Lockhart sits to the southeast.

The town was established in 1880 by Fergus Kyle and David E. Moore. It is named for the former. The town was built around the International-Great Northern Railroad. This history has been captured in the Kyle Railroad Depot and Heritage Center. It has a restored railroad station and train cars.

The city was formerly incorporated in 1928. The daughter of the founder was elected mayor in 1937, and several female city council members were elected shortly thereafter. The city became the only Texas town with an all-woman government during the early 1940s. The city promotes itself as the pie capital of Texas. The city holds the Pie in the Sky Hot Air Balloon Festival every Labor Day weekend.

It is located in Hays County. It is growing more slowly than some of Austin’s northern suburbs, but it is expanding. It was home to five thousand people in 2000. In 2010, it was home to nearly 30,000 people. In 2020, it was nearly 40,000. The city now covers thirty square miles. Almost all of that is land.

San Antonio is 58 miles to the northeast, and downtown Austin is 21 miles northeast. Both can be reached via I-35 which passes through town. You’ll hit New Braunfels before you reach San Antonio. It may be most famous for being the home of Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels.

The Blanco River passes through the city, as well. This is a tributary of the San Marcos River. San Marcos is south of Kyle, Texas. The Plum Creek Golf Club and Bunton Branch of the San Marcos River are at the north end of town. Lake Kyle Park is inside of the city limits. It is the home of Lake Kyle. Fishing is allowed if you do catch and release. Steeplechase Park is smaller, but it has a dog park. The city has a polo club, the County Line Polo Club.

The average age of residents is 32. This is several years below the state average. This is because 37 percent of residents are below the age of 18. Many families have moved here simply to be able to afford a home. The average home in Kyle is 304,000 dollars. This is 150,000 dollars less than what you’d pay for a comparable property in Austin. Roughly two thirds of residents own their home.

The city is served by the Hays Consolidated Independent School District. The county-wide school district also serves towns like Buda. A Hays County campus of Austin Community College District opened here in 2014. Residents are a roughly fifteen minute drive from the Texas State University campus in San Marcos. Residents often drive to the San Marcos Premium Outlets shopping center.

Kyle has surprisingly good public transit. This isn’t just because Interstate 35 passes through the town; the SH 45 toll road, State Highway 21, State Highway 123, Farm to Market Road 150 and FM 1626 also pass through the city. The MoPAC rail line stops in downtown Kyle. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is 25 miles northeast of the town. San Marcos Regional Airport is ten miles south of the city. And there is an Amtrak stop ten miles south of the city. That is located within the San Marcos city limits.

The city of Kyle is the home of the first private prison for the TDCJ. Called the Kyle Unit, it is the second largest employer in the city after the school district. The largest employer is the Hays County school district. The third largest employer is Seton Medical Center Hays. The fourth largest employer in the city is the H-E-B grocery store chain. Amazon has opened a distribution hub in the Kyle Crossing Business Park. named the city the fifth best place to live in Hays County. The city was given a B plus as a whole. The public schools were given a B minus. Housing costs were a B. It got a C plus for crime, though this value is skewed by instances at the prison. The city received a B for good for families.