Amplify Austin Texas 2016

by on February 29, 2016 in Blog, English, event

Amplify Austin takes place city-wide for a day of giving in an effort to support local non-profit organizations thrive, such as Casa Marianella. I love this organization because of its mission and its heart, and I hope you will join me in giving to them in March.

24 Hours. 1 City. Millions in love and support.

Help us support Austin immigration and Casa Marianella this year through #AmplifyAtx !!!

Casa Marianella is an invaluable resource for homeless immigrants as they work towards independence and stability. Such a dedicated organization thrives on strangers' generosity.


This is their mission statement:
Casa Marianella creates community with Spanish-speaking immigrants and international refugees by providing hospitality and promoting self-sufficiency.

You can find out more about the important work this nonprofit does here:

If you have a question about your status, call Austin immigration attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch today!