My name is Rosario, but my friends call me Rosy.

I was born in the beautiful city of Celaya, Guanajuato. I am a proud first-generation Mexican-American. Like many people I know, I came to the US when I was about 4 years old, but every summer break my parents would send me to Mexico to spend my hot summer days with my Abuelita. I was very lucky to be able to grow up and see the best of both worlds; without a doubt, it has been amazing to be part of two cultures that intertwine as one.

My parents brought me here to pursue the American dream. As a child, I quickly understood that I was not like everyone else, and I did not want to be like everyone else because my mother taught me to be authentic. I spoke a different language, my English had an accent, and I looked different from the rest of the children in my Head Start program. That did not stop me from making new friends. Most of my life - including my studies - revolves around the idea of social justice for minorities and helping others embrace themselves and others. I saw my parents struggle navigating the system, and I saw the fear in their eyes when people would mention the word, "illegal." Seeing my parents be confused and experience constant misunderstanding from others is what motivated me to help those who weren’t as blessed as I was. There is no doubt I have a deep passion to help those who are afraid of their voices to be heard because having a voice that is willing to speak without fear is necessary for the change we all so desire.

I am the living proof of the American dream. When I received citizenship - thanks to my father - my journey had just begun. Although it was not easy and very uncertain, it was a learning experience, and every aspect of the process helped me understand that there are people who need guidance and positivity.

I joined Lincoln-Goldfinch Law because I found other individuals who are willing to be the voice for those who feel like they don’t have a voice, and even more so, those who feel like they don’t matter. I hope to bring my unique & authentic sazon to the Austin Community and to help in the process of creating change for those who matter.