My name is Jackie Mann and I am the Paralegal at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law.I was always interested in different cultures, languages and the immigrant experience. I grew up in New York, and I went to college in Connecticut where I studied Sociology with a minor in Spanish. My junior year I began a work-study job at a non-profit refugee resettlement agency in New Haven, Connecticut where I assisted recently arrived refugees with employment skills and job placement. That is where I discovered my passion and knew that I wanted to assist immigrant families and persons fleeing persecution with acclimating to life in the United States.One of my proudest accomplishments has been making the move from New York to Austin to pursue my passion after graduating from college. I was fortunate to have found Casa Marianella, the incredibly unique shelter for immigrants and asylum-seekers here in Austin where I served as a case manager through the AmeriCorps program. It was working at Casa that I began to see the difficulty of navigating the legal system in a foreign country through the residents' eyes, as well as the injustices committed by immigrant detention centers. After Casa, I began working with Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA) as an advocate for immigrant women fleeing sexual and domestic violence -- concentrating on assisting sexual assault survivors in accessing the legal system. At AFSSA I became interested in immigration relief available to immigrant victims of crime and intimate partner violence, as well as the intersection of immigration and violence against women.

What I love about working at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is that I feel that all of my passions and previous experiences have come together to serve a purpose I can be proud of. What is hard about working in immigration is knowing that you have a positive impact on individuals and families while also understanding that there is so much work to be done on the policy and macro-level. What's great about the work environment at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is that all of the staff are passionate about social justice. We support each other in doing the best that we can for the clients given the current political climate and we empower our clients with knowledge and access to courteous legal services. I look forward to all there is to learn from the staff and clients and hope to continuing serving the immigrant community by going to law school in the near future!

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