My name is Ana Leticia De Leon (or just Anita for short!). I am jarocha at heart, meaning I was proudly born and raised in Veracruz. When I was growing up my parents would take me down to the railroad in my hometown to provide aid to Central American immigrants arriving on "the Beast" cargo train to make their way to the United States. I would meet young men and women, sometimes as young as 13 years old, risking their lives in this amazingly dangerous journey, in hopes of a brighter future. Those years going to the train tracks where the moments when I would connect the most with the pain and horrors of our broken immigration system.

Later on in life I came to United States to study at Earlham College where I received a dual-degree in Peace and Global Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. These fields of study really helped me better understand the complexities of why we immigrate and what the economic and social conditions are that advantage some countries over others. Throughout my professional journey, I have learned from various cultural groups and engaged in diverse social work such as: the resettlement of Burmese refugees, conflict resolution with Catholic and Protestant youth in Northern Ireland, housing security for low-income tenants in Austin, and fair wages/safe workplaces for immigrant construction workers throughout Travis county.

I am overjoyed to be joining the team at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law and be part of the support system that can help families obtain the guidance they need to successfully navigate the US immigration system.

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